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Why You Need A Manager As An Artiste.



Music is a business and just like any business there is someone the company trusts with overseeing and managing the business, for growth and profits. That person is called a manager.

A manager is someone who understands the nitty gritty of the business and helps with building and bringing the business to a reputable height.

In music, you as an artiste happens to be, the company, your music is the product that is being sold, your manager is the overseer of the product. The manager observes the market and helps you decide where you’d make more impact and helps you pick out the resources you’d need to make impact.

Talking about resources, I mean the artistry distributor, promoter, OAPs, etc.

Be it a blown or upcoming artiste, It is necessary you should have a manager. He/she has to be someone that understands you, your music, your idea as regards music, and your personality. Anyone can be a manager, but the business of music is principally about technical know how. Talk about Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, J Balvin Lil Dicky, Demi Lovato Tori Kelly, Black Eyed Peas and a host of other successful arts and you will see that what these artist have in common is the influence of their world-class manager, Scooter Braun.

Also talk about the whole DMW crew that is currently ravaging the music industry with numerous hits, what they have in common is the impinging influence of veteran manager, Asa Asika.

So what does a manager do?

A manger basically builds your brand.

In building a brand (artiste) the manager works on the music you put out, the strategy to pull up the track, the time to put it out, the development of the artiste, the collaborations, the touring, distribution, promotion and general psychological well being of the artiste.

There are different kinds of managers. The most popular is the Talent Manager. He is basically in charge of your development and he oversees the following sub managers.

1. Road and Logistics Manager: He is basically in charge of logistics and security. A good example of this kind is Isrealdmw . He is one of very few people that handles the full transportation of Davido in Nigeria .

2. Financial Manager: Just like any other business needs financial accountability, so does your music. He has to have a fore knowledge of accounting and book balancing.

3. Promotional Manager: He handles the distribution, promotion of the artiste; helping in pushing the artist presence, liasing with OAP’s and DJ’s in getting radio airplays and song rotations at clubs respectively.

4. Medical Consultant: You might be wondering why this is included but do you know that an artiste that is not healthy both physically and mentally can not perform at his/her best. So there has to be someone monitoring the health of the artiste and help maintain the body system.

5. Legal Consultant: Music is a business of its own and just like every business you need a legal arm of affairs. They handle deals related to collaborations, signings, event agreements, etc.

Having established the critical role the manager plays, it is equally important to address what motivates the manger and in turn affects the artist success.

Just like in any other business, same is expected in the music business too, you are expected to pay your manager for his services.

Often times in standard contract form, when an agreement is drawn between the artist and the manager, a certain percentage of the artist earnings is agreed to be paid to the manager depending on the initial agreement.

Abiding by the agreement will spur the manager to go the extra lenght as your success as an artist is his primary concern.

In conclusion, as you advance in your career seek out the best management and be careful of mangers who are just after your pockets and never your development.

Let someone handle every other thing asides your creative process(singing) it takes off stress and makes you more productive .

We wish you the very best!

Written and Documented by Joshtheblogger and Bloom.

My parents named me Timothy I’m a student of FUTA I’m a Music Blogger + PR + Talent Manager I’m not so very tall I enjoy supporting young and talented artistes. DM/Call - 08100551812

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