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Trym: The Alien from Space Xi

With the growth in the Nigerian music scene, young artiste from Space Xi, Trym, discovers new genre cleped ‘Afro-space.’



Trym: The Alien from Space Xi

The music space is growing and the growth is not only limited to the teeming artiste numbers or international reception, it transcends to the genres and individual styles. We have seen the emergence of newer genres such as Afrosoul by WurlD,Afro-life by Fireboy, Afrorave by Rema, Emo Afrobeat by Ckay, Afro-house by Niniola and now we have Afrospace by Trym and they are all considered a sub genre of Afrobeats.

Trym, born in Ekiti, Nigeria, is a young, determined and experimental artiste who is determined to carve his own path to stardom with a swing at his own self established genre, ‘Afro-space.’

Photo: Trym

Q: Let’s get to know you, who is Trym?

Trym: I’d say Trym is a newly birthed star who’s come to redefine the music industry with his new style of afro-sound. I think I can say; the new face of afrobeat industry.

Q: Great. What inspired this new style ‘Afro-sound’?

Trym: Well, I always liked to be different from the rest of everyone. Instead of following standards, I do prefer to set them. A new style of unique sound that everyone else wants to do. I call the sound Afrospace and you’d be hearing more on it in my next projects.

Q: So the new sound is Afrospace?

Trym: Yeah… that’s the name I call it. It was birthed in space xi too. Soo…

Q: What is Space Xi?

Trym: Space xi is where I’m from. It’s a theoretical planet.

Q: Wow! You’re not human?

Trym: Theoretically, no I’m not.

Q: Ohhh! I thought there was a place called Space Xi. Who or what would you say inspired you to start music?

Trym: Oh no… not really

And uhm. Wande Coal, Wizkid and MJ were the who and the what; well, I do music everyday of my life and I’m really good at it so… why not?

Q: Where do you see yourself going in this industry? What do you want to do in your career?

Trym: Well, I want to do a lot of things but first use my Afrospace sound to push Afrobeat to a farther and higher place than it is at the moment.

I want the whole world to recognize and accept my sound as a genre in itself and for the magic of it.

Q: Good projection, what is the greatest challenge you have faced as a musician?

Trym: Mannn… from bad promoters to rude show/concert hosts, I’d say I’ve faced a lot. But the greatest is trying to find that ground to set the feet on. It’s hard cause most A-List artists don’t want to roll with you until you’re close to being an A-List yourself. Especially if you’re not the most privileged person.

Q: What edge do you believe you have above other artistes?

Trym: Well, my uniqueness of my style stands for me. From the perfect flows in the perfect story line to the perfect output. My vocals is just enough even lol

Q: Should your fans expect a new song soon?

Trym: Yeah… right now I’m working with the rest of my team to put out this big project that’s going to change it all.

Q: Thanks for your time.

Trym: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you too.

My parents named me Timothy I’m a student of FUTA I’m a Music Blogger + PR + Talent Manager I’m not so very tall I enjoy supporting young and talented artistes. DM/Call - 08100551812

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