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This is just a compilation of some errors made by upcoming and DIY (Do It yourself) musicians.

After considering these errors, hopefully you can make improvements.

1. You sell more on your socials: As a growing artiste, it is advisable to make your music available for free streaming and downloads. When you sell your songs often, there’s a high probability people wouldn’t buy it because they don’t know you and your sound yet. Do less selling and do more of free.

2. Your marketing budget is too small or non existent: Oftentimes I ask artistes who message me for promotions, what their budget is like. It baffles me whenever I get that response “I don’t have one”. Is it possible to buy a car without a budget? Before you enter the studio to record your music, ensure you have enough for promotion. Let your budget be sumptuous, not a meagre sum. You shouldn’t spend five hundred thousand naira on production and save fifty thousand or less for promotion, that’s self sabotage!

3. You don’t have a website: This is not compulsory. This is usually an untold truth. It is beautiful to have a good social media profile and all. However, it is wise to also have a website that projects your profile. Focusing on social media only is like building a house on a rented land, it can never be as satisfactory as building your house on your own land. Your website is your land. There, you can post your day to day activities, your schedule, your videos, etc. On Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, you post a part of your video and you can even sponsor it. Then, you direct them to your website for full video or details. This keeps them glued to your person.


Key Terms In Music Release (Single)


4. You don’t have a marketing plan (short , medium and long term goals): As an artiste, it is advised that you have a marketing plan for the year. This helps you keep track of your progress. Short-term, Medium-term and Long-term plans are very essential. Short term plans are plans you have for maybe a week or a month regarding your music. Medium-term plans for every quarter of the year while Long term plans could be for half of the year or the whole year. Thess plans could involve number of streams, plays, views on videos, etc.

5. You don’t reflect on your past failures and success: Reflection helps to keep track of progress. Look back at your plans, check out the mode of promotion that helped realise the target and those that failed. It helps to determine which method works best for your audience while you restrategise to achieve even a much better goal.

Thank You for reading through and I wish you success as you progress.


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  1. That is a rare but insightful advice on music record making/career. Its unbelievable Timo. Smiles.

  2. Very thoughtful of you..keep it up.

    1. Thank you. Kindly keep spreading the gospel

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