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Loozr Partners With Near Protocol On Web3 Music Platform



The crypto world is evolving and it is slowly touching all spheres of life not excluding music.

We have seen music artistes incorporate crypto in form of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) and coins into their branding; sale of tickets, sale of their music exclusively and many more.

With all these developments, we rarely have a project that puts into consideration fans as well as the artistes into full consideration and that is what Loozr is trying to solve.

Wondering what Loozr is?

Loozr is a music streaming platform that allows music creators to convert their potential and songs into fungible traded assets on the blockchain.

This means anyone can invest directly in artistes and earn per second.

In order to fully bring this into reality and available for all, Loozr partnered with a climate-neutral, high speed and low transaction fee layer-1 blockchain platform.

The partnership which was announced by Loozr via their Twitter handle states how thrilled they are to have received a grant from the Near Foundation.

Read tweet below;

Listen to and enjoy our extensive catalog of tracks on our Artiste waitlist

Beta launches in August!


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