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As an artiste, there are some basic things you should know.
They are terms you come in contact with often. However, these terms are not for artistes alone. They should be known by anyone involved and interested in the music industry. These terms would be explained explicitly, but in a brief and concise form.
So as not to bore you, I would be discussing these terms as a series and I would advise that you follow up.
As a way of introduction, I’ll be talking about some keywords used in music. These include:

To commence, I’d like to elaborate on the term Single.

A single is simply a music project. Be it a song or a beat that is released separately from an album or an extended playlist (EP).

A single is a combination of at most 3 tracks, i.e, between 1-3 tracks and their time of play not being more than 10 minutes.
These days, artistes release tracks of about 3 minutes and these can be uploaded on digital platforms as a single.
In simple terms, singles are the songs from albums that are released separately for promotional use or released before main album is available.
It is worthy of note that Not all singles appear in an album.

Singles serve as a promotional tool for an artiste and for a proposed body of work.

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