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In the first episode, I talked extensively on Singles. I hope you learnt one or two things from that.

Still on the topic; key terms in music release, I’d be explaining the term Extended Play (EP).

Key Terms In Music Release (Single)

I would make this as short and simple as possible.

Back when Vinyl discs was in use, EPs were shorter than Long Plays (LPs) and were referred to as vinyl records other than 78rpms.

An EP can be referred to as a short album.

A release is considered an EP if it meets the below requirements;

1. It has 1-3 tracks in which one or two of the tracks has a 10mins or more time of play. The entire release can not be more than 30mins.

2. It has 4-6 tracks and the total time of play is not more than 30mins.

The above requirements is based on iTunes and applies to almost all other online streaming platforms.

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