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As an artiste, there is more to making music than just going to the studio to record a track and upload for fans to listen to it.

Visuals are very much important. Talking about visuals; they are a graphic representation of your music. In simpler sense, visuals refer to your music cover art and video.

Visuals play a large role in promoting and establishing your sound. I’ve seen situations where by a track got viral mainly due to the artwork. A good example is Davido’s new album; A Good Time, before the album got released, it was already an item due to the cover art. The cover art showcased his journey for the past 7 years since he last released a studio album, gave fans something to look out for.

Visuals can help you win a rap battle or diss. When M.I Abaga and Vector Tha Viper were on to each other in a diss, I’m sure you remember that M.I performed at the BBN finale putting on a T-Shirt with the inscription ‘No Snakes’ and was also seen stepping on a video showing snakes. When Vector dropped his reply to M.I’s diss, the art work showed a snake swallowing a rat.

Looking at the scenario of Davolee and Dremo, you can also see the importance of Visuals.

Not to bore you too much, I’d be stating the importance of visuals in the best possible way possible below;

  1. Visuals help to create a wider awareness for your song.
  2. Visuals helps to get new fans; this is so because, when you drop a nice artwork, people would want to check out, who is this artiste that has this beautiful artwork, I bet he must be very creative with his music and then boom, you get a new fan.
  3. Visuals; videos to be precise, helps to bring about more streams to your song which in turn brings about more money especially if you have it on a digital platform.
  4. Visuals bring about more fame: every artiste wants to be famous for his sound. Put out beautiful artwork and videos for your fans and ultimately you gain more fans.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful piece, your comment would be greatly appreciated.

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