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As a way of helping up and coming artistes, Bloom as a person took it upon himself to conduct interviews for young artistes as a means of promotion to boost their career.

This particular interview happens to be with CodHex; a 200 level student of the department of Physics Electronics at the Federal University Of Technology, Akure.

Full interview below;

Bloom: Good Morning, We want to know you better who is CodHex?

CodHex: CodHex is an upcoming artist  ,his real name is Adeitan Tolulope, and he is a student of federal university of technology Akure (FUTA)

Bloom: That’s really great,So tell us how was growing up like for you?

CodHex: No doubt I’m still in my twenties, and it’s not really difficult even though there is always struggle to be an upcoming artist, to be heard,to be known really difficult

Bloom: Smiles…. But we Hoping for growth to be easy.

CodHex: 😄 Definitely not easy, soon with commitment and hard work

Bloom: Can we know Who inspired you to start music?

CodHex: No body really inspired me to start music, I just felt the love of music in me as I was growing, but I try to learn from other artist and I just love some

Bloom: Does that mean you don’t have an artiste you draw inspiration from his story and music?

CodHex: Yes,  I do have some artists that there songs gives me inspiration, artists like Kendrick Lamar, Joyner Lucas, and M I Abaga, and mayorkun

Bloom: Which means they support your music career one way or the other?

CodHex: Sure sure 😄

Bloom: Whats your latest jam ?

CodHex: My lastest jam is ‘Link Up’

Bloom: What’s the inspiration behind the track?

CodHex: When I wrote this song, I was not only broke but I was depressed, everything that was on my mind was that if you have the right plug, the right connect, you’ll be fine.

‘Na person dy Help person’

Bloom: Hope all those feelings of depression are gone now?

CodHex: The song was just like an answered prayer, the moment I recorded it, I was relieved and everything is fine 😄

Bloom: So how many tracks Should be Expecting before  this Year Runs Out?

CodHex: Insha Allah, nothing less than  3 tracks ,one in every 3 /4 month

Bloom: Good,Did you encounter any challenge when you told your parent about music?

CodHex: Yeah definitely, I was discouraged at first, but later they encouraged me and they told me that ‘ to be successful in anything, get a good result’ ,so the only thing is that music must not disturb my education .

Bloom: That’s beautiful… How do you manage music with education?

CodHex: I needed to follow the instructions my parent gave since I’ve been supported,  Education 60%, Music 40%, for now.

Bloom: That is amazing.

CodHex: Yeah definitely 😃

Bloom: What’s Your relationship status?

CodHex: I’m single 🙈😀

Bloom: Smile but some are blessings…. Let’s forget about that though…. Lol Who is your female celebrity crush?

CodHex: Mhiz kiss,i like her style

Bloom: Who is your role model?

CodHex: Joyner Lucas and Baddo ,when I look at those guys I see grace and glory

Bloom: So if you will be working with an artist who will that be?

CodHex: I would choose Olamide / Davido

Bloom: Have you ever had any crazy fan encounter so far?

CodHex: Yes, funny enough I don’t know him, we jammed somewhere at Akure, and he felt happy, I could not leave until he had my number and my IG handle

Bloom: Smiles,What country would you like to travel to?

CodHex: I would love to go to paris

Bloom: Any last words to your fans?

CodHex: I appreciate their effort and love, this year I will surprise ya’ll, with love 

Bloom: Thanks for your time.

CodHex: You’re welcome 😊


Advice to all upcoming artistes, never forget the God factor.

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My parents named me Timothy I’m a student of FUTA I’m a Music Blogger + PR + Talent Manager I’m not so very tall I enjoy supporting young and talented artistes. DM/Call - 08100551812

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