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20 Post Ideas For An Artiste On Social Media (Part 1)



20 Post Ideas For An Artiste On Social Media

As an artiste, social media platforms are one of the easiest ways of connecting with your fans. It can also be a bit tedious to get stuffs to post, that is why this article is important for you as I’d be sharing some ideas to keep your fans glued to your channel and page.

Below, you have 20 ideas for your social media channel;

  1. Do Giveaway: It’s a known fact that humans love free stuffs. A good example is the recent hacking of twitter and bitcoin scam. People would do almost anything to get something free. It doesn’t have to be money always, it could be a chance to meet you backstage or a chance to win a ticket to one of your gigs, could also be a chance to party or shop with you.
  2. Throwbacks: Uploading massive throwbacks is also a well proven way of engaging your audience, this makes them connect with you as a person. Old gig videos and pictures would also bring massive engagement.
  3. Ask engaging questions: Shocked at how a simple question could prove effective. Questions as simple as ‘how was your night?’, asking their opinion on a track or dress would bring about a conversation and this would surely increase engagement.
  4. Curate your music: Tell your fans the kind of music you enjoy. You can just post your favorite music of the week and tell them why you love the track. Don’t forget to tag the artiste, this would simply mean he/she would repost and this would definitely gain you some fans.
  5. Create your playlist: Creating a playlist of your favorite tracks and sharing on your social media platform is also a sweet way of gain attention on your social media platform. Make sure the playlist doe not contain only your track, have other artists on the playlist.

Kindly stay tuned for the remaining part.

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